The Process

The Process

Process for Development


The Desire

Our Process of creating a collaboration, product, property, implication of technologies or relationship starts here with our team. We look within our capabilities, talents, and skill sets and welcome others to ignite these beginnings.


The Thought

We practice that thoughts become things. Everything in our experience, industry, or a world of desires are propelled by the seeds of thought. We welcome to be influenced by expertise, knowledge and points of view.


The Idea

Adaptability, collaboration, design, innovation, and production drive this process and aid us to pursue. Open exchanges and welcomed questions.


The Examination

This is the turning point in our process, decision making. It involves all of Venedicto Productions’ team members, services and opinions. It is our strength. It is where projects and ideas are grown, shelved or trashed. It is when we move forward.


The Actualization

This layered involvement is composed of the past four processes. It moves forward with collaboration and drive; our concepts are layered with our point of view and move us into the most important phase.


The Production

FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. Connection, Drive, Experience, Know-how, Talent, Forward Movement. We have and always will PRODUCE.