Quin Venedicto

Founder Partner Producer


Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, California, it is a natural fit that QUIN is the music hub and inspiration for VENEDICTO PRODUCTIONS. Quin has always been ahead of her generation as far as music goes. Attending major music festivals and concerts at the impressionable age of 8. Music became the central driving force in her life, throwing outrageously large dance parties throughout high school, and then turning that passion into a professional endeavor. At the age 19, Quin co-founded and managed her own music production company.

Throwing club events in Los Angeles and Santa Barbra, and touring up and down the California coast, hopping from one college town to another. The company engaged all peers, offering new and exciting music and art experiences. Quin has taken an interest in several mediums of art such as cinematography and photography. Growing up in the midst of entertainment Quin has developed a visionary outlook on entertainment and art. Through Quins’ expertise, she hopes to provide an authentic, yet unusual form of future entertainment.

Quin’s expertise 



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